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New Boom Head – Why not?

Christmas 2021 was spent isolated at home due to Covid. Time was available in quantities never experienced before. A perfect time to search the internet for a way to replace the boom head on my old Simmer Blackline 160-220 cm from 2011 since it poorly fitted my North SDM 430 mast.

The modular boom head from Unifiber looked promising and now just over a year later I have used it for 10 times, and I can really recommend others to give their carbon booms a upgrade like this.

Bill of materials

  • Custom 3D printed shim (black) – Shim to glue on the round (32-33 mm) boom front end to make it D-shaped.
  • A Unifiber Shim – Unifiber Elite(=orange) Modular Boom Head Carbon Shim (25 Euro)
  • Unifiber Boom Head – Unifiber (Elite=orange or HD=blue including the performance bolts) Modular RDM & SDM Compatible Boom Head (79-85 Euro)
  • Epoxy Glue
  • Tiny Stainless screws (to fix Unifiber shim to 3D-printed shim)
  • Acetone

How to assemble

Remove old boom head

  • Remove grip with a knife to widen the tubes to 130mm. Sand edges used to center old boom head
  • Heat 3D-printed shim to ease mounting
  • Test fit by mounting:
    3D-printed shim with gap facing front and the flat part facing rear
    Orange shim with gap facing rear

  • Make more sanding until you’re happy with the fit
  • Clean front pipe with Acetone

Mix Glue

  • Apply glue on pipe and shim
  • Heat 3D printetd shim again and make final mounting with glue
  • Mount orange shim and boom head. Mount performance bolt to get pressure on the glued shim
  • Wait for 24h to make glue harden properly
  • Dismount performance bolts and boom head
  • Drill 2mm holes through shims and mount stainless screws to restrain rotation. It is only the boom head that should rotate.
  • Mount back boom head and performance bolts

Links to Unifiber retailers

Easy Surf–2-Bu


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